spring / summer 2011

"The misty sunlight
Of those cloudy skies
Has for my spirit the charms,
So mysterious" Charles Baudelaire

Drawing inspiration from the poem 'Invitation to Voyage' by Charles Baudelaire each piece is dreamy and whimsical, combining light fabrics and pastel hues with Perspex to create the perfect juxtaposition.

Mint greens, dusky pinks and powder blues sit side by side, elegantly constructed into extravagant shapes transforming the wearer into an exquisite piece of walking art. Structured lace shapes rise defiantly upwards manipulated into cloud like forms that appear to be blowing in the breeze. Whilst draped chiffon falls gracefully across the face subtly obscuring the eyes and further enhancing the air of mystery that runs through the collection.

Elements of 1920s glamour are also evident transporting us back to a decadent era when femininity and opulence were key.